How to find Clery Beauty

Continue straight ahead passing Barnas Hus and Meny in Holmengata on the left side until you reach

a large red house on the left with the numbers number 16 and 18.

Turn left into the drive way and continue on a small narrow road between

farmhouse and greenhouse/hothouse. Follow small narrow road to the right. The salon is in a brown

single detached wooden house in front of you. Please park your car in front of the house. Follow the Japanese walking

steps around the corner and the steps down into the  basement. Here you will find Clery Beauty. 



Free parking in front of Salon 



Holmengata  18, 1394 Nesbru

Call 98 46 26 84

Opening hours

Tue- Fri: 9h30- 19h00

​​Sat: 9h00 - 15h30