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    Campaign December

Healing Massage
    60 min 700 nok
    90 min 950 nok

Face Massage

Body and Facial Massage
(90 min) 

800 nok (before 1150 nok )

NOW 800 kr (before 1150 kr )

Shoulder Massage


Lash lift

With or without color  Now 700 kr/600 kr       

Image by Aleks

Luxury Esthemax Facial Treatment (90 min) 

NOW 800 kr (before 900 kr)


Hydrafacial 90 min

now 950 kr (before 1150 kr)

Professional female cosmetologist doing hydrafacial procedure in Cosmetology clinic..jpg

        Radio Frequency Facelift 
(Skin thightening and acne treatment)

 Now 950 nok (before 1150 kr)

Laser Facial Treatment
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